Trigger Warning: I’m Done with Social Justice Warriors

Alright, SJW’s, I am officially over your crap now that it’s crept onto my own campus and is overtaking the school that I once held dear. So I will now proceed to offend you, which I believe is the greatest harm I can do to you spineless little germs.

We had an incident two weeks ago, where some moron added points to a cross in order to make a swastika on a black student’s door. It’s horrible, we’re all torn up about it. However, the facts are that the idiot who drew the thing was most likely doing it out of stupidity, as a joke, not a hate crime. Which, of course, doesn’t take away from the fact that it is a symbol of hate and if we ever find out who drew the darn thing, he or she should be punished accordingly.

That’s not the point, though. The point is, I’m going through my normal life, being the white kid I am and suddenly, I’m taking flack for that. I was in class a week or so after the swastika incident and one student said every white person on campus needs to apologize for what happened, since we don’t know who drew it. Never mind the fact that we don’t even know if the culprit is white or not. We’ll just blame the entire white student population (we’re looking at about 51-54% of students). I’ve heard people calling for the implementation of mandatory “social justice” classes so people can have more understanding. Other students are being kicked out of Biola groups on Facebook because they said they didn’t agree with all the race-baiting that was happening.

While the administration, for the most part, is not buying into the whole mess of “donating privilege” some donors have called into question Biola’s formerly conservative stance on these issues. They’re claiming the school is trading in the Gospel of Jesus for “the Gospel of Social Justice.” And they are rightfully upset. We’re supposed to be different, I don’t want to go to a school like UMass. I even texted my mom the other day saying, “I thought going to a Christian school meant I could get away from all this BS.” But clearly, the answer is no.

Look, I’m mad about the swastika, believe me. I hate that there is someone who was stupid enough to it. But I’m more upset at the kids on campus calling for the mass apologizing of white students. I’m not going to be that person who writes, “On behalf of all white people, I’m so sorry.” I’m sorry that it happened to the student it did, that’s horrible, but I’m not calling out all white people as racists. I thought stereotypes were against the Social Justice Warrior’s code of conduct? Especially on a college campus, I’m ashamed.

You “warriors” – or the more appropriate – Social Justice Crybabies have destroyed what higher education means. You would think that frat boys with their “rape culture” and “white privilege” would be the undoing of a university, but you’ve managed to totally destroy anything that even resembles what a college is supposed to be. I’m not just talking about Biola anymore, I mean all of you morons out there who demand more gender studies courses, you want to major in “feminist dance theory” and forego classes that could actually teach you something. Like economics, logic, or even a freaking government class.

You all are so wrapped up in demanding no one be offended or left out that you’ve offended and abandoned others by doing so. I’m sick of hearing the words “white privilege.” You want to talk about privilege? How about we talk about the fact that more and more black and Hispanic students are being admitted into colleges that white and Asian students – who have better academic standing – are being rejected from, simply to meet a race quota. Forget about white students, let’s chat about Asian students, instead. Many, many Asian kids are being totally rejected from schools they are overqualified for, while other minorities who aren’t quite up to the academic standing are being let in left and right.

Now, understand me, I’m not saying black or Hispanic students can’t make it into the prestigious schools. I 100% believe they can, if they put in work like everyone else and do everything they can to get in. These handouts aren’t helping anyone, in fact, the Daily Signal reported in 2015, “Affirmative action-induced low grades are a serious problem—as demonstrated by research over the course of the last decade. For example, in one study of top law schools, more than 50 percent of African-American law students (many of whom had been admitted pursuant to affirmative action policies) were in the bottom 10 percent of their class. And the dropout rate among African-American students was more than twice that of their white peers (19.3 percent vs. 8.2 percent).” How’s that for privilege?

And that’s just one aspect of how this insanity is taking over our country. Look at UMass and “The Triggering” that happened last week. Poor Crybabies demanding that speakers be removed from their campus so they wouldn’t be subjected to a speech that they chose to go to. SJW’s cannot handle differing opinions, just look at the people who were removed from Biola message boards for disagreeing with people. It doesn’t matter how many facts you spout off, how many statistics, the regressive left will always demand your head on a stick for disagreeing, no matter how civil you are.

Take this piece, for example. I’ll no doubt receive the “you’re being racist” claim lobbed at me over Twitter or Facebook, just for throwing those affirmative action numbers out there. College crybabies can no longer handle facts and truth, so we’ve replaced it with “safe spaces” and “trigger warnings.” We even show case fake statistics to make them feel better (see: wage gap, 1 in 5, etc.)

It’s ridiculous that anyone, especially college campuses are catering to people who deny reality. Are we going to lie to them their whole life? Give them trophies and acknowledgement just for existing, the way their parents no doubt did? If that’s the case, count me out. I’m over SJW’s who throw a fit because they’re offended by a Halloween costume or protest a speech because they don’t like that a speaker equates feminism with cancer. Why aren’t we getting upset at the protesters who are storming in libraries, screaming “F*** you, you filthy white f****!”?  Why is this behavior tolerated?

The danger here isn’t that these people have opinions, the danger is their volatile behavior when people disagree with those opinions. I’m for free speech, these people are not. I don’t cry because we have a “social justice” club on campus, but these people call the police and seek a safe space because someone writes “Trump 2016” in chalk. Do you see a difference here?

Diversity is beautiful, it keeps the world from being a boring mess. But it reaches a lot deeper than skin color. Diversity of ideas and opinions is also amazing and breeds new inventions and thought processes. You know what happens when everyone thinks the same? Communism. When people are arrested, beaten, and killed for their differing opinions, we’re in a world of trouble. So, I kindly ask you all who play for the regressive left, please, stop shouting people down. Stop asking whites to “donate their privilege” (whatever that means). Stop dipping down to personal attacks (kid who called me a c*** for saying Bernie will raise taxes, I’m looking at you). And stop ruining America.

Thank you and goodnight.


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Working towards a degree in journalism. Lover of coffee. Reader of books. Writer of words. Exposer of SJW's.

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